Stay ahead of the competition

Companies that adapt to the latest technologies experience continued success. Much of that success is reflected in higher CSAT and NPS® compared to the competition. Voci technology not only provides actionable insights, but also a quick and continued return on your investment.


Hear the true voice of the customer

Acquire and retain customers, increase customer spend, leverage customer feedback, and stay ahead of the competition. Voci technology transcribes all live and recorded calls into highly accurate text that can be analyzed to hear the true voice of your customers.

  • Integrate transcripts into analytics and business intelligence platforms to react quickly to customer feedback, reduce churn, and improve CSAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Search 100% of your call center and after-call survey recordings to learn customer perspectives on your products, promotions, and the competition
  • Convert voice data into concrete results for a reliable measure of CSAT and Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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Improve operations with data-driven decisions

Voci’s searchable and highly accurate transcripts enable you to make informed decisions based on actual data, not guesswork. Boost your call center’s performance and manage costs by reducing agent attrition, improving workforce management, increasing sales effectiveness, and optimizing agent QA efficiency.

  • Analyze transcripts to determine agent satisfaction and reduce agent turnover
  • Search transcripts for insights to identify call avoidance opportunities, increase agent productivity, and optimize agent training
  • Leverage V-Spark to review calls for quality assurance, evaluate sales scripts, and improve agent training

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Visualize your voicemail quickly and accurately

People are constantly on the move and need a voicemail system to help them keep pace with incoming messages. Voci powers visual voicemail solutions with highly accurate, fully punctuated messages. Industry-standard open APIs integrate Voci technology with any visual voicemail solution.

  • Have 100+ hours of voicemail recordings transcribed in less than one hour per server
  • See messages transcribed in near-real time
  • Enjoy lowest total cost of ownership

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Manage risk and monitor compliance effectively

Government audits, data breaches, competitors, fraud, and noncompliant employees can pose risks to your business. Voci speech transcription technologies are instrumental in quickly conducting thorough audits, responding to legal matters, thwarting phishing, and detecting compliance issues.

  • Search transcripts to efficiently perform internal audits, prepare more thoroughly for external audits, and take legal action more quickly
  • Redact sensitive data from recorded calls and transcripts and meet compliance regulations
  • Analyze transcripts for fraudulent behavior
  • Detect inappropriate language, compliance breaks, and fraud attempts

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Featured Industries

Business Process Outsourcing

Optimize your BPO call center operations

Companies contract with business process outsourcing (BPO) call centers to handle their benefits and enrollment, business retention, collections, customer service, sales, or survey administration processes/workflows. Managing your call center is demanding, but you can overcome many challenges by improving agent training and keeping costs down.



Earn added customer interest

Market volatility and compliance with government regulations are daily facts of life for your financial services or banking institution. Keeping your investors and customers satisfied is also an essential part of your day-to-day operations. Stay in compliance and deliver a superior customer experience during every transaction.



Make superior customer service your policy

The market for providing home, auto, life, healthcare, or liability coverage is extremely competitive. As an insurer, taking care of your policyholders is paramount, and you must also meet increased operational efficiency targets and compliance regulations. Gain the insights you need to deliver superior customer service, as well as to better manage costs and ensure compliance.



AI / Deep Learning

Gain a competitive advantage

Learn how Voci’s artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning speech recognition can help you build lasting customer loyalty and business success.

AI in Action

AI / Deep Learning