Automatic Speech Recognition for Contact Center Solutions

Transcribe 100% of contact center calls with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and efficiency with Voci, the only ASR engine built specifically for enterprise contact center solutions.


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Voci + the Scale of the Contact Center =


3 seconds

to transcribe 1 hour of audio


1B+ hours

of audio transcribed



language models globally


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compatible with any stack

Wave Goodbye to Ridiculous Infrastructure Costs.
Say Hello to Data-rich Transcripts for 100% of Calls.

Voci offers the most efficient transcription in existence, meaning you can transcribe 100% of contact center calls well within budget, and enjoy industry-leading speed and accuracy with real-time, feature-rich transcripts.

If You Need Accurate, Smart, Secure Transcripts For Your Solution, Here are 5 Reasons Voci is For You:


1. Wherever your audio is, Voci plugs straight in: real-time or post-call

Compatible with virtually any tech stack, Voci has real-time and post-call native integrations with many telephony providers, including Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Connect, and Five9, as well as an open, flexible API for custom integrations.

2. Be it thousands or millions of audio hours, Voci provides the most efficient transcription in existence

Voci harnesses modern technology to offer the most efficient transcription in existence - consistently 5 to 10 times more efficient than other providers - resulting in a huge reduction in hardware needs, datacenter space, and cost of operations.


3. Tuned for the contact center, Voci offers industry-leading transcription accuracy

Even in the loud buzz of a contact center, Voci’s ASR engine offers industry-leading transcription accuracy out-of-the-box, and unlike other providers can be further tuned with custom language models to meet whatever your application requires.

4. No more ‘dumb’ transcripts: Voci effortlessly includes all the metadata & privacy you could wish for

With over 30 language models, Voci’s transcription enrichment features include natural punctuation and number formatting, PCI & customizable redaction, custom vocabulary, diarization, acoustic-based emotion and sentiment analysis, and much more.


5. Voci’s unique pricing structure guarantees the highest ROI of any provider

Unlike other providers, Voci offers a fixed price unlimited usage package. Combined with the efficiency of Voci’s ASR engine, this guarantees the lowest total cost of ownership and highest return on your investment of any provider.

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Enterprise-Grade ASR for the
Contact Center

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Industry-leading speed, efficiency, and time to results.

Highly Accurateen grade icon1

Leading out-of-the-box, and can be tuned for any business or industry.

Open and Flexibleen grade icon1

Numerous native integrations, and compatible with virtually any tech stack.

Smart Transcriptionen grade icon1

Auto-formatting, speaker separation, gender, emotion, sentiment, and more.

Safe and Secureen grade icon1

PCI DSS compatible automatic redaction of sensitive information.

Deployment Optionsen grade icon1

Both in-cloud and on-premises deployments available.

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