Power your platform by integrating Voci’s Speech-to-Text engine


Voci powers real-time and post-call possibilities. We extract the most accurate insights from voice data so that you never miss a customer insight, selling opportunity, or coaching moment.

How our partners use Voci


Real-Time Transcription

Live Agent Assist

Proactively provide agents with information and shortcuts based on stated customer needs and optimized outcomes.

Reduce manual supervision, improve agent proficency and accuracy.


Post-Call Transcription

Near Real-Time Analytics

Analytics that are provided after the call has occurred, but no more than a short period (~15 minutes after) for a near real-time view of the latet insights from each call. 

Voci collaborates with trusted partners and providers whose quality products and services implement our AI-driven solutions. The integration of our innovative technology with their expertise meets the unique needs of customers and opens doors to more opportunities for both parties.

Contact us today if you'd like to become a trusted partner and provider.

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Benefits of Integrating Voci



  • Best in class accuracy
  • Rich voice metadata
  • Specialized vertical models
  • AI, ML and DL Neural Network Technology

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Process 600 hours of audio in one hour on a single 1U server
  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Same day deployments
  • Deploy in the Cloud

Ease of Integration

  • Simple REST APIs
  • Flexible deployment in Cloud, Prem, or Hybrid
  • Industry standard components
  • Data in JSON or text-based output

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