Voci Powers Real-Time and Post-Call Possibilities

We extract the most accurate insights from voice data so that you never miss a
customer insight or coaching moment.


Benefits of Integrating Voci:


Leading Accuracy

Enjoy leading out-of-the-box transcription accuracy, and further tune Voci's advanced speech models to your specific use case.


Data-rich Transcripts

Receive data-rich, auto-secure, searchable transcripts for every single contact center call, hugely increasing insights capability.


Low Infrastructure Costs

Switch on the most efficient transcription in existence, and see massively reduced hardware needs, datacenter space, and cost of operations.

The Use Cases Voci Unlocks:

Real-Time Transcription

Real time means real time. Nothing transcribes live contact center calls faster or more accurately than Voci, empowering a whole host of use cases.

  • use case iconLive Agent Assist
  • use case icon 1Live Agent Coaching
  • use case icon 2Compliance Controls
  • use case icon 3Live Assisted Data Entry
  • use case icon 4Fraud Avoidance
  • use case icon 5Call Categorization
  • use case icon 6AI Based Call Routing
  • use case icon 7Call Summarization

Post-Call Transcription

Voci is so fast it transcribes one hour of audio in just 3 seconds - and the resulting transcript is packed full of metadata and insight for post-call operations.

  • use case icon 8Agent Scorecards
  • use case icon 9Near Real-Time Analytics
  • use case icon 10Fraud Detection
  • use case icon 11Market Research
  • use case icon 12Automated Surveys
  • use case icon 13Compliance
  • use case icon 14Call Categorization
  • use case icon 15Call Summarization



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