Your Security and Privacy Matter:
Voci Uses Best-of-Breed Defense

Voci is dedicated to the security and privacy of your business. We have a highly mature information security and privacy program, which uses industry-standard best practices and is aligned to regulatory and industry standards. Data is always handled in alignment with explicit consent and for specific business purposes.


Security Approach

Voci uses a best-of-breed defense, in-depth security approach to protect customers’ data, our supply chain, software development, and SaaS services. Regardless of your deployment preference (customer hosted, Voci private hosted, Voci SaaS services, or cloud), our enterprise-class security program addresses all aspects of protection. Our information security program also deals with the numerous security frameworks our customers may be under, like GDPR, PCI, NIST, HIPAA, ISO, etc.


Data Privacy

Voci is dedicated to protecting the privacy of customer data we may handle on behalf of our customers or their customers. As such, we have privacy policies that are GDPR-compliant and address the business cases for collection of said data. This includes a privacy policy that covers data handled through our cloud services processes, support processes, as well as our website and marketing data-collection processes.


V-Blaze ASR Engine

V-Blaze was built from the ground up with security and privacy in mind.  As such, it adheres to the latest security and privacy best practices, including protecting data at rest, in flight and while being processed. 

V-Blaze never stores any data. It processes audio files into open source format transcripts and returns to calling the application without ever writing data to disk. As such, data exposure is extremely limited and data is only unencrypted when held in memory while being processed.



Voci's information security program adheres to PCI, SOC2 and GDPR supply chain security practices and reviews. This includes cloud shared security responsibilities and mappings.  Voci employees all undergo both general and job-specific security and privacy training at time of hire.



Voci uses a comprehensive defense in depth strategy to protect customers’ data through the full lifecycle. This includes network segmentation by data classification and access by need to know.  Security controls, both physical and logical, protect confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. Data handling and classification policies and processes protect the privacy of all data.


Incident Response and Contact

Voci use an enterprise-class 24x7 SOC with full escalation and remediation processes.  Should a security incident occur, defined communication procedures are invoked to notify affected parties. 

For specific questions or concerns, please contact your account manager or



PCI Level 1 Attestation



Privacy Shield Framework

Privacy Shield (EU/Swiss)

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