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Our mission is to enable enterprises to extract actionable intelligence from their voice data. At Voci, we are committed to delivering solutions to our clients that drive improved profitability. 

Voci subscribes to the belief that open systems which easily plug and play with other systems offer the greatest value to end users. Built on Voci's world leading HyperVox™ hardware-accelerated speech recognition technology, Voci's speech-to-text transcription and voice analytics solutions deliver superior value by delivering best in class accuracy at the lowest total operating cost available in the market today. 

Voci’s experience in accelerated speech recognition spans nearly a decade starting with research done at world-renowned Carnegie Mellon University. The company has enhanced and extended this work to address the analytic demands of commercial enterprises. Continued collaboration with speech experts at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Illinois ensures that Voci provides the world's best enterprise-grade speech-based solutions. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Voci is only steps away from the Carnegie Mellon campus.

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          Red Herring North America Top 100 Finalist 2016