Why choose Voci?

Voci is the world’s first Automatic Speech Recognition engine built specifically for the contact center. Discover exactly why Voci is the ideal fit for your solution.

The 5 Key Benefits that Set Voci Apart


Most Accurate Transcripts

Tuned for the loud buzz of contact center audio, Voci’s ASR engine offers industry-leading transcription accuracy out-of-the-box, and unlike other providers can be further tuned with custom language models to meet whatever your application requires.


Fastest Transcription

Whatever your real-time or post-call needs, Voci’s ASR engine processes up to 1000 hours of audio in 1 hour on a single 1U server, and can seamlessly expand to transcribe thousands or millions of hours of audio quickly and efficiently.


Most Scalable

Transcribe 100% of contact center calls well within budget, and effortlessly scale with future growth: Voci harnesses GPU-powered processing and open, modern, flexible architecture, resulting in the most efficient transcription in existence.


Most Intelligent

Voci transcripts come bursting with metadata: with over 30 language models, enrichment features include natural punctuation and number formatting, PCI and customizable redaction, sentiment analysis, plus all the metadata you need to beat your competition with your analytics.


Most Flexible

Compatible with virtually any tech stack, Voci has real-time and post-call native integrations with many telephony providers, including Amazon Marketplace, Amazon Connect, and Five9, as well as an open, flexible API for custom integrations.



Voci Unlocks the Future

Our partners use Voci to deliver powerful, future-proof contact center solutions for their customers. Here's just a glimpse of what's possible:

Real-Time Transcription

Real time means real time. Nothing transcribes live contact center calls faster or more accurately than Voci, empowering a whole host of use cases.

  • use case iconLive Agent Assist
  • use case icon 1Live Agent Coaching
  • use case icon 2Compliance Controls
  • use case icon 3Live Assisted Data Entry
  • use case icon 4Fraud Avoidance
  • use case icon 5Call Categorization
  • use case icon 6AI Based Call Routing
  • use case icon 7Call Summarization

Post-Call Transcription

Voci is so fast it transcribes one hour of audio in just 3 seconds - and the resulting transcript is packed full of metadata and insight for post-call operations.

  • use case icon 8Agent Scorecards
  • use case icon 9Near Real-Time Analytics
  • use case icon 10Fraud Detection
  • use case icon 11Market Research
  • use case icon 12Automated Surveys
  • use case icon 13Compliance
  • use case icon 14Call Categorization
  • use case icon 15Call Summarization

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Unparalleled deep learning

Voci's speech recognition goes far beyond legacy solutions: our deep neural networks ingest and “learn” voice data, radically improving accuracy and speed of transcription.

Crafted by the experts

With decades of experience in the speech recognition space, Voci’s speech scientists lead the field in providing expert analysis, insight, and innovation - ensuring Voci’s language models remain the most advanced in the industry.


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