Voci Speech-to-Text Transcription - The Gold Standard for Healthcare Language Models

Wayne Ramprashad May 04, 2021

Recently, an office software giant bought a speech recognition company known for its healthcare AI models. While this acquisition seems like a big deal, it really isn’t. Voci has been powering some of the largest health insurance providers in the U.S. and around the world with the most accurate speech recognition model.

And we’ve done it for years.

Your Contact Center Is as Important as Your Medical Center

Listening to patients is fundamental to health insurance member services, from their first conversation with your concierge service about finding the right doctor to follow-up calls that can help improve their outcomes. Likewise, your contact center requires similar attentiveness to meet rising compliance requirements and operational demands.

Voci enables you to gain the insights needed to better manage healthcare and costs.

Better Language Model, Better Member Services

Our artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities generate sophisticated language models that deliver fast transcription of calls with unmatched accuracy. Furthermore, Voci deep speech recognition goes beyond earlier contact center technologies or those of the industry’s Johnny-come-latelies.

Featuring proprietary machine learning and deep neural networks, our health insurance member services language model is used to transcribe real conversations between health insurance representatives and members every day. It’s capable of accurately transcribing complicated medical terms as well as terms specific to the health insurance industry.

For example, it understands and transcribes ailment names like fibromyalgia, bronchiolitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and many others that are complicated to pronounce or spell. It also transcribes treatment names, such as physical therapy, cardiovascular surgery or magnetic resonance imaging. And our language model means business, too, with its capability to understand and transcribe insurance terms like a referral, prescription, deductibles and much more.

Doctors, physician’s assistants and other support personnel requiring medical transcription services will also find our language model an indispensable tool in providing of care because it knows how medical professionals, patients and providers actually speak.

In addition to delivering unrivaled accuracy, our member services language model provides PCI redaction on call audio for compliance and lower total cost of ownership.

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Improve the Patient Experience

Healthcare leaders know that the patient experience is the central driver of their success. Our health insurance member services language model can benefit your contact center and entire organization across a wide range of metrics.

  • Increase HCAHPS scores
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Maximize reimbursements
  • Retain and grow patient volume
  • Drive revenue

Contact a Voci speech solution expert today to begin taking your member services to the next level. He or she can advise you on the design and deployment of the healthcare industry’s fastest, most accurate transcription solution.

Wayne Ramprashad

Wayne has strong expertise in the architecture, development, and operations of large-scale speech-driven data systems. Prior to joining Voci in 2016, he held senior positions at several Fortune 500 companies, including Comcast, IBM, Lucent, and AOL Time Warner. At Comcast, Wayne directed an enterprise-wide strategy for self-service solutions in support of customer service operations. He earned a B.S. degree in Joint Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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