Infographic: the Benefits of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for Contact Centers

Jack Maden November 17, 2022

Contact centers play a crucial role when it comes to delivering excellent customer service; organizations often rely on their high performance.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR), a technology that converts natural speech into text, is essential to help maintain consistently high customer service and boost success.

Discover how this technology benefits contact centers, from helping to drive more revenue to reducing staff turnover and cutting call times.


Key takeaways

  • Customers do not want fully automatic customer service experiences. When it comes to contact centers, the human touch is still important. 
  • Automatic speech recognition (ASR) helps contact centers take advantage of this demand.
  • With ASR, contact centers can earn more revenue, optimize operations and differentiate their service offering. 
  • ASR can also power important AI systems that work to improve agent productivity and ensure data compliance. 

Jack Maden

Jack Maden is Director of Content Marketing at Medallia, with a focus on producing educational materials for the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) space.

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