Voci Supports Strategic Partner Clarabridge at C3 Conference in Miami

For anyone attending the Clarabridge C3 conference, one thing was clear. If a company wants to hear and understand the voice of the customer (VOC), they should capture and analyze the actual voice of the customer.

In the past, VOC programs typically involved interviews and surveys. Each method involved sampling a percentage of customers at various stages of the sales cycle, or more often than not, after a product or service was delivered. The data would be collected, aggregated and analyzed. Companies would then identify trends, opportunities for improvement and in rare case institute outreach teams to try and recover customers that indicated they were leaving.

Today, companies are realizing that the actual voice of the customer is right at their fingertips. Voice calls represent 70% or more of all customer contact. Technology has come a long way. Voci Technologies partners with Clarabridge to allow clients’ VOC programs to include 100% of audio calls for a true omnichannel Customer Experience analytics solution.

Clarabridge highlighted the inclusion of Voci’s voice transcription technology and speech analytics within their CX Analytics platform at the conference. Half a dozen clients shared stories of key operational efficiencies identified and solved to both improve the customer experience and reduce cost. A few client highlights included BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois, Dish Networks and American Family Insurance. All of these clients have significantly increased their customers’ experience through analyzing voice calls from their support centers.

Voci Technologies, Inc. is the market leader in voice transcription technology. Focusing on enterprise speech analytics solutions, Voci offers the fastest, most accurate and complete transcriptions, all through open architecture for ease of implementation and integration.