Genesys CX17 Kicks Off Voci Technologies in PureCloud

After several months of integration work, Genesys announced the integration of Voci Technologies’ V-Spark speech analytics App within PureCloud at their CX17 Conference in Indianapolis, IN, the week of May 22, 2017. PureCloud is one of three Genesys platforms, serving all sizes of businesses for their support center operational and customer experience needs. After the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence in December 2016, the conference served as a bridge and communication vehicle for clients and partners of both companies.

Day 1 focused on Genesys partners, while Day 2 focused on clients. In both sessions, demonstrations of the V-Spark integration and use case benefits were revealed. With Genesys cloud recording technology, the integration allows for seamless transfer of recorded calls to Voci’s voice transcription engine and analytics package. The excitement for this additional functionality within PureCloud was felt by partners and clients alike.

As the market leader in voice recognition and transcription solutions, Voci has been growing and expanding with a go-to-market strategy of “Powered by Voci” such that any Customer Experience (CX) or Workforce Optimization (WFO) provider interested in adding voice transcription as a key element in their VOC solution should go with the best.

Voci Technologies offers the fastest, most accurate and most complete voice transcription engine on the market. With open-ended architecture, the ability to integrate audio calls on the front-end and resulting text data to analytics platforms on the back-end is both seamless and easy to do. Compared to market alternatives, Voci offers the most complete transcription with the lowest total cost of ownership for partners and clients.