Stronger together in our fight against COVID-19

Many organizations are learning to deal with a new norm during COVID-19, but Voci Technologies has been leaning on its team and processes to continue a business-as-usual mindset. Here are some recommendations on how businesses can follow suit.  

Pittsburgh, PA – March 20, 2020 – Voci Technologies, Inc. is not unlike organizations around the world effected by COVID-19; it’s caused concerns, questions, and a need to communicate with employees and customers just how business will continue during the new norm of today. The difference between organizations though, is how they can maintain a business-as-usual mindset while staying productive, energized, and cohesive. 

“We are very fortunate to have an organization that can carry on during this current pandemic,” says Mike Coney, CEO of Voci Technologies. “I encourage our customers and partners to lean on us and reach out for any support they may need – large or small.”

Voci Technologies is committed to providing best-in-class transcription accuracy for contact centers around the world, even during times where an increase in volume is to be expected. Our crisis response team (CRT) - led by Tim Wallick, VP of Operationshas ensured that all employees, from customer support to development, continue without disruption. We’ve maintained a unified culture and ongoing communication strategy, both of which are vital to our organization

Here are some tips and tricks that are worth considering

  • Assemble a crisis response team to address concerns ranging from internal communication to external announcements 
  • Provide clear instructions to your employees about operating hours, any restructuring to business units, or more, but also allow for flexibility within this time frame for personal errands
  • Equip your teams with the proper tools to work remotely including monitors, keyboards, and enough data volume and high-speed internet
  • Trust in the abilities and skillset of your team, who now work remotely, rather than micromanaging
  • Schedule regular team check-ins, updates, and feedback loops
  • Educate employees on how to field questions related to COVID-19, changes to the business, typical Q&A, etc.
  • Be prepared to handle distractions like barking dogs, kids interrupting conference calls, doorbell rings, etc. and have a relaxed approach to these types of distractions 
  • Maintain culture among employees by hosting virtual happy hours, create a “theme” for the week, share stories, and - most importantly – stay engaged  

Although we are uncertain of how long the new norm will last, Voci Technologies will continue to inform and support our customers and partners along the way. We will share updates and product enhancements, like our upcoming V-Blaze release, via our social media links. Please follow @vocitec to stay in the know or email support@vocitec.com for inquiries. 

For further information please visit https://www.vocitec.com/


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Voci is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable you to develop voice data applications designed for the contact center. Our GPU-accelerated, deep machine learning speech technologies feature open APIs that integrate easily with multiple audio sources, telephony providers, and call recording technologies. Voci provides best-in-class transcription accuracy with the lowest total operating cost available in the market.

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