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Voci V-Spark provides you with vastly greater capabilities to review customer-agent interactions. This robust application enables you to search all your voice data to understand root cause. Uncover product and competitive insights, improve agent quality monitoring by targeting the calls to which you listen, predict customer churn, improve customer experience, and ensure compliance.

Speech Browser

Visualize your voice data

  • Use the intuitive web-based interface for fast, near-real time exploration of customer calls
  • Search clearly formatted and fully punctuated call transcripts and valuable metadata
  • Pinpoint call types using keyword search with metadata filters
  • Create call tagging to drill down to specific calls
  • Classify agent and customer voices with speaker separation
  • Identify agent overtalk, emotion, and gender
  • Reduce exposure of PCI data in both audio and text with numerical redaction

Customer-Agent Interactions

View customer-agent interactions

  • Extract information about products, process, and services from all of your calls
  • Use evidence-based insights to improve first call resolution
  • Grade agent performance using acoustic and linguistic analyses
  • Calculate detailed call information with event-level metadata
  • Let results of actual data analysis drive targeted survey questions
Customize Analysis

Customize analysis to your needs

  • Use V-Spark’s intuitive Application Editor to modify our preconfigured templates and create customized scorecards specific to your business
  • Leverage the unique metadata embedded in transcripts to perform more personalized call analysis and agent evaluation
  • Benefit from powerful search capabilities, which make it easy to find actionable patterns in customer call data

Technical Specifications

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  • Audio Compatibility - Extensive support for over 350 telephony audio formats
  • Deployment Method - On-premise, cloud, or hybrid
  • Integration - API architecture is compatible with third-party analytics or business intelligence platforms which support open-format JSON and Text transcripts
  • Languages Supported - Multiple
  • Operating System - CentOS or Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (RHEL) v6.0

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