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Gain real insights from AI and deep learning

Uncover insights to improve agent quality monitoring, mitigate customer churn, improve the customer experience, and ensure compliance. With Voci’s advanced AI and deep learning speech recognition models, you can evaluate all of your call center’s voice data.

AI / Deep Learning

Understand the voice of your customers

  • Analyze customer and agent voices separately in your transcripts
  • Automatically identify the language spoken for transcription

Learn more about our AI and deep learning capabilities.

Real Time Speech to Text

Gain real-time insights during the call


API Integrations

Integrate transcripts with any analytics or business intelligence platforms

Industry-standard open APIs integrate our innovative speech engine with multiple audio sources and third-party analytics or business intelligence platforms.

  • Industry-standard LDAP integration enables single sign-on
  • Open-format JSON and Text transcripts with metadata enable straightforward integration with various analytics or business intelligence platforms

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Speech Technology Deployment

Deploy your way

Voci solutions offer flexible deployment options — on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

Recover your investment quickly after deployment.



Hear the true voice of every customer

  • NVIDIA® GPUs enable lightning-fast transcription of live and recorded calls
  • Highly accurate transcripts integrate with your analytics or business intelligence platform to reveal actionable insights and the true voice of every customer



Visualize customer calls with a powerful speech browser

  • Reveals emotion and sentiment
  • Classifies your data for immediate business action
  • Integrates easily with analytics or business intelligence platforms



Verify callers by matching their voiceprints

  • Provides greater accuracy and security using passive voice verification
  • Authenticates during the call — no passwords necessary
  • Scales to meet your organization’s specific needs


See how accurate
your transcripts
can be

Voci Speech Technology Accuracy Chart


Produce transcripts for several widely spoken languages
Voci Speech Technology Languages
Speech Technology Deployment

Cost-effectively scale from 10 to 100,000 agents

Voci solutions reduce your hardware footprint with the use of NVIDIA® GPUs to minimize your total cost of ownership.

Speech Technology Deployment

Real Time Speech Technology that works

Voci solutions are built on the NVIDIA® CUDA® parallel computing platform. They feature:

  • State-of-the-art NVIDIA® GPUs that increase compute performance and speech-to-text (STT) conversion speed
  • Optimized cloud solutions powered by AWS
  • Latest-generation Intel® Xeon® or AMD processors
  • High-speed DDR4 SDRAM for high-bandwidth data transfers
  • Containerized machines for VMware, AWS AMIs, and others