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Voci Labs is developing a versatile library that enables you to leverage voice biometrics technology however you choose. Its open API makes it easy to develop a wide range of customized voiceprint creation and matching applications.


Voice Authentication

Many organizations rely on active voice authentication, requiring callers to knowingly verbalize specific information during an authentication phase of a call. While Voci’s voice biometrics API can be used to construct active voice authentication solutions, its real strength is enabling the implementation of passive voice verification solutions. With passive voice verification, speaker identity is tracked during the entire duration of a call, including those calls which have no authentication phase.


Use Cases

Our highly accurate voice biometrics solution enables you to develop and integrate advanced voice biometrics technology with your current processes. It can be used to build any voice identification application, and in a form that meets your organization’s specific needs. Employ Voci voice biometrics for fraud prevention, data security, privacy protection, customer experience, and public safety.

Technical Specifications

Authentication Modes

Active authentication or passive verification

Deployment Method

With V-Blaze or as a standalone deployment


Python (API)

Voiceprint Operation Modes

One voiceprint per audio file, or one evolving voiceprint per audio stream

System Requirements

Debian 4.13 and CentOS 6.9

Voci Labs projects are still being developed. Interested in putting them into production? Get in touch.