See the Big Picture: Choosing Your ASR Solution

Michael Coney March 28, 2019

Many small details make up what’s in the overall big picture. To help our customers gain a competitive advantage, I believe that we must be attentive to their needs and work hand in hand with them to reach their goals. So I asked my team to look at ASR purchasing considerations often overlooked by customers (seen in their individual blogs), and also show how these details stack up to the competition and add up to Voci being in their big picture.

The Details

  • Transcription speed. Up to 150 hours of recorded calls can be transcribed in one hour by a single 1U V-Blaze unit, so I think we’re doing pretty good.
  • Accuracy. No problem here, either. Customers can integrate our highly accurate call transcripts into their analytics or business intelligence platform.
  • Cutting-edge technology. Not many companies can say they have an in-house, CMU-trained team. We have the brain power to solve your unique issues.
  • Deployment flexibility. Our speech technology solutions can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in both locations depending on your needs.
  • Hardware. Our solutions provide faster processing speeds with a smaller hardware footprint. In addition, we will work with you on customized hardware configurations, using your own hardware or ours, and can deploy Voci speech technology on-prem, to your cloud, or to ours.

The Finer Details

  • Real-time transcription. Depending on your business model, our solutions transcribe live calls in real time and batches of recorded calls in near-real time.
  • Single open API. There’s no need to worry about additional integrations for metadata or extra cost to add you own iterations.
  • Vendor agnostic. Voci speech technologies integrate to the recording or analytics platform of your choice, so you can continue using your existing stack.
  • Data control. Your data is your asset, which means we will not never charge you for access to your own data. Furthermore, we take extreme security measures to ensure that your data cannot be breached.
  • Transparency. There are no hidden costs with Voci. We disclose the full transcription, processing, and implementation costs upfront. We don’t believe in back charging, paying for services you don’t need, or throttling back on deliverables to reduce costs. Furthermore, our experienced team will work with you during the evaluation period to mitigate any future surprises.
  • Pricing model. We work with our customers to design the best pricing model based on their business needs. Whether you work by seat or by minutes, or paying by consumption or retainer, we want to make sure you are charged by what makes sense for you.
  • Customized solutions. Our deployment flexibility, vendor-agnostic approach, smaller hardware footprint, and knowledgeable team make it easier for you to plan for future growth and scale your business.

Voci delivers innovative solutions that can help you find actionable insights in all your voice data. When it comes to ASR solutions, nobody else builds upon all these details like we do to put your company’s greater success in the big picture.

Michael Coney

Michael Coney is the CEO of Voci Technologies, and has extensive experience managing high-growth companies, raising capital, and working with investors. In his spare time he is restoring his high school dream car, a ‘69 Mustang Mach 1, and is a commercially-rated pilot.

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