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Voci Technology Admin April 15, 2020

If your employees are under work-from-home directives during this pandemic, your state or provincial government has likely classified your business as “non-essential.” While this determination was made to greatly reduce the transmission of COVID-19, your organization’s products or services are most definitely essential to your customers, clients, or patients.

Here’s how Voci Technologies helps your contact center take care of businesseven when most of your agents may be currently working remotely. 

Get a Better Read on Customer Concerns 

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that your agents provide outstanding customer experiences. Voci’s technology quickly transcribes live and recorded inbound and outbound calls into accurate text, enabling your organization to analyze customer satisfaction and act on possible areas of concern.

Our partner, Clarabridge, provides a daily analysis of sentiment, emotions, and emotional intensity related to COVID-19 topics in the last 24 hours over social media. It’s a fascinating look at what customers are saying and how their opinions evolve as they interact with the banking and finance, healthcare, retail, and travel industries.    

Stay on Top of Increased Call Demand 

While in crisis mode, call volumes have skyrocketed for contact center agents. As expected, not every call is going to be taken as it comes in. Fortunately, Voci’s visual voicemail solution helps your agents keep up with the demandThis solution accurately transcribes voicemail messages, plus it enables agents to search text for keywords so they can respond to callers promptly and effectively.

Maintain Compliance, Protect Sensitive Data 

Every industry has requirements unique to its business operations, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on three industries in which failure to deliver on the customer experience is not an option.

  1. In healthcare, listening to patients is fundamental. Insights could be gained from patients’ calls that not only help determine trends but also improve their recoveries. 
  2. Insurance companies specializing in healthcare have an exceptional opportunity to deliver superior customer service to policy holders while learning how to better manage costs. 
  3. And given the recent volatility in global markets, financial firms need to better understand how comfortable investors are with risk to deliver a superior customer experience.

What else do these three industries have in common? The need to adhere to governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) requirements, especially when they pertain to the handling of personally identifiable information (PII)Voci’s technology helps organizations stay in compliance and uses redaction methods to protect sensitive PII, PCI, and PHI on behalf of our partners and their customers.  

Establish Your Business Presence at Home 

So how does an organization implement a successful work-from-home strategy for its contact center agents and other employees? According to Alan Berkson of Freshworkshe suggests focusing on is the home office space. This area needs to be uncluttered and clear from distractions (kids, petsdeliveries, etc.) that could be detrimental to interacting with callers. 

Berkson says the most successful remote workers are the CEOs of their jobs. He offers several skills and strategies that are critical for anyone working from home. 

Count on Voci 

While contact center operations forge ahead through undiscovered country, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our customers and partners can lean on us and reach out for any support they may need, large or small,” says  Mike Coney, CEO, Voci Technologies.

Even during these challenging times, Voci continues to provide remote contact center operations with the fastest, most accurate call transcriptions and unmatched security. 

Why? Because your business will always be essential to us.

Voci Technology Admin

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