Accessing Your Audio Data: You Can’t Profit From What You Can’t See

Michael Smocer January 25, 2019

The largest and richest source of insight into the experience your customers have with your brand comes from the phone conversations they have with your representatives. Surfacing these insights helps you manage risk, maximize sales effectiveness, gain market intelligence, and reduce costs. Because you know the insights are valuable, you might have considered deploying an automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine to transcribe your recorded customer calls for ingestion into one or more business intelligence or analytics platforms. And you may have been surprised to find your call recording vendor may charge you a tax to access the call recordings most required to deploy a best-in-class speech analytics strategy.

Why should you pay a tax to access your own recordings? After all, these are calls involving your customers and your agents, covering issues related to your business, and you are paying for your call recording platform. Logically, you should be able to access it when you need to. Not every call recording provider sees it that way. Some will charge you a tax to access to your own data if you make an ASR technology decision that is not included in their stack. These tactics artificially distort technology investment decisions and limit the options available to enterprises that wish to pursue a flexible and scalable ASR and analytics strategy.

The alternative to paying the tax is to abandon your ASR and analytics strategy and select the technology dictated by your call recording provider. Once you’re locked in to a such a provider, however, flexibility goes down and costs go up, You become handcuffed to a solution that might not address future requirements and may not scale across all applications and departments. The switching costs soar as internal customer requirements and competition increase urgency.

There are better options available. Not every call recording provider believes your audio data is theirs. You don’t have to choose between exorbitant costs and losing actionable intelligence. If you have the ability to access your audio data, you can ensure that the Voice of the Customer always come through, loud and clear.

Access to your audio data is one of the key requirements for getting the most out of your ASR system. To learn more about this, and other considerations in selecting a transcription solution, click here to download our ebook now!

Michael Smocer

Michael Smocer is Chief Revenue Officer at Voci Technologies, Inc. where he is responsible for the strategy and execution of the sales and customer success organization. In his spare time he can be found running in all weather conditions and golfing in most.

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