Voci Technologies Releases Latest Version of V-Spark Voice Analytics Solution

Voci’s V-Spark Voice Analytics™ 2.0 enables users to transcribe and analyze voice data with custom-made scorecards for personalized insights

Voci Technologies, the leader in accelerated Speech-to-Text transcription and analytics, today announced their release of V-Spark Voice Analytics™ 2.0.  This latest release of V-Spark features new, customizable scorecard applications for more personalized call analysis and agent evaluation.

V-Spark 2.0 also contains a variety of new features to improve search capabilities, emotional intelligence, trending topic monitoring, and ease of use, among others. V-Spark’s variety of analytics tools has turned heads at multiple speech analytics companies as well. Scott Bakken, co-founder of MainTrax says, “Voci’s voice analytics tools are top-notch, and when you add high accuracy and speed to the mix it really takes business intelligence to the next level.”

V-Spark Voice Analytics™ is an all-inclusive voice analytics solution that allows users to visualize their audio using state-of-the-art speech recognition and natural language enabled text analysis technologies. V-Spark produces high-quality voice transcriptions, uses sophisticated search and analysis algorithms, and has an open environment for easy integration with third-party systems.

V-Spark can process audio in near real-time and examine up to a million calls per day using patented hardware acceleration technology. Its easy-to-use web-based interface helps users to extract valuable customer insights and trends about products, processes, and services from voice surveys and call center calls.

The principal new feature that V-Spark 2.0 has to offer is the Application Editor, which allows users to modify Voci’s preconfigured Agent Scorecard or create their own scorecards to fit their company’s unique needs. “V-Spark’s Application Editor is intuitive and doesn’t require knowledge of complex search queries, making scorecard development easy for everyone,” says Anthony Gadient, Voci’s CEO.

The Voci team is excited to see how their clients take advantage of these improvements. With the variety of new features available in this new V-Spark offering, Voci’s clients are expected to greatly improve their business intelligence models and uncover new insights to boost customer service success.

About Voci Technologies:

Voci Technologies enables enterprises to extract actionable intelligence from their voice data. We work with our partners and clients to deliver domain and data specific speech intelligence solutions that meet our clients' business requirements for call center operations, compliance, surveys and transcription applications such as voicemail. The company pioneered the implementation of speech recognition algorithms in hardware to run orders of magnitude faster and with greater accuracy than alternatives. Voci’s affordable speech recognizers enable customer-driven enterprises to uncover information from 100% of all customer conversations captured through call center and outbound marketing. For information, visit www.vocitec.com.

About MainTrax:

MainTrax is a leading provider of speech analytics (SA) professional services to end users and industry partners. Free of allegiance to any one solution or supplier, MainTrax has earned a reputation as an independent, unbiased resource for consulting expertise across a variety of products and providers.
Since 2007, MainTrax has helped contact centers optimize their existing software to improve agent effectiveness, minimize compliance risk, capitalize on selling opportunities, identify complaint trends, reduce customer churn, decrease operational costs, and mine rich new veins of business intelligence. For more information, visit www.maintrax.com.