Mattersight and Voci Partner to Provide Customers with Faster, More Accurate and Secure Data Analysis

CHICAGO, IL and PITTSBURGH, PA—April 7, 2016—Personality-based SaaS pioneer Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ: MATR) and leading speech-to-text and voice analytics provider Voci Technologies today announced a strategic partnership whereby Mattersight will license Voci's V-Blaze™ transcription engine and call recording converters and Voci will license Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics Cloud, in order to elevate the customer experience for both companies’ customers.

Mattersight has developed an unmatched set of millions of proprietary algorithms and insights about human emotion and personality. These in-depth analytics capabilities, along with a robust infrastructure for real-time desktop analytics and notification, are all hosted in Mattersight’s highly-secure Behavioral Analytics Cloud.

Voci has developed the fastest, lowest latency and most accurate speech-to-text transcription engine on the market.  Currently available in English and Spanish, it not only provides highly accurate, fully-punctuated transcripts and emotional information, but can also be used to protect customers' privacy by automatically redacting sensitive PCI information. These capabilities support both post-call analytics and live real-time analytics. Additionally, Voci has created a telephony adapter that can be easily configured to ingest call recordings from the most popular third-party call recording systems.

Combining its vast array of proprietary algorithms, personality insights, real-time alerting and portal infrastructure with Voci's transcription engine, Mattersight will be able to provide customers with a set of transformational analytics applications, all served from the company’s secure Behavioral Analytics Cloud, including:

  • The feeding of hundreds of data attributes and the underlying call transcriptions to its customers' BIG DATA AND CRM APPLICATIONS
  • Improved REAL-TIME ALERTING for financial compliance and business process monitoring
  • Enhancement of Mattersight's best-in-class PREDICTIVE MODELING of CSAT and NPS®1

“Even the slightest vocal nuances are a rich source of data and insight, so excellent, extremely accurate transcription is essential to our products’ success,” said Mattersight CEO Kelly Conway. “Voci’s technology is unsurpassed in the market, and will allow us to provide our customers with the most compelling, valuable and advanced speech analytics applications available. We are very excited to introduce it into our product stack.”

Voci will leverage Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics Cloud to provide its Speech Analytics, Business Intelligence, Electronic Discovery and Compliance customers with its highly-secure secure PCI- and HIPAA-compliant cloud solution.

"Voci is thrilled to be able to offer our clients an option to process their data in Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics Cloud,” said Voci CEO Anthony Gadient.  “Financial, healthcare and other organizations that have the most stringent security requirements are successfully using Mattersight's Behavioral Analytics Cloud today, including two of the top 10 healthcare providers. By licensing Mattersight's secure Behavioral Analytics Cloud, Voci continues to extend its ability to deliver the actionable insights our clients require in ways that best meet their business needs, whether that's SaaS or on-premises."

The new partnership between Mattersight and Voci ensures that clients of both companies will be able to access high-accuracy speech analytics in a secure environment, providing them with increasingly flexible options for business intelligence.

About Mattersight

Mattersight's mission is to help brands have more effective and effortless conversations with their customers. Using a suite of innovative personality-based software applications, Mattersight can analyze and predict customer behavior based on the language exchanged during service and sales interactions. This insight can then facilitate real-time connections between customers and the agents best capable of handling their needs. Mattersight's stack of patented SaaS applications has influenced hundreds of millions of shorter, more satisfying customer interactions. Organizations across the Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology and Telco industries rely on Mattersight to drive customer retention, employee engagement and operating efficiency. An independent research study documents the average return on investment for these organizations is 344%. To learn more about how Mattersight can help your company, please visit www.mattersight.com

About Voci

Voci Technologies enables enterprises to extract actionable intelligence from their voice data. The company’s hardware-accelerated speech recognition engine runs orders of magnitude faster and with greater accuracy than alternatives, enabling both real-time and batch transcription of 100% of companies’ voice data. We work with our partners and clients to deliver domain- and data-specific speech intelligence solutions that meet their business requirements for customer experience, call center operations, compliance, surveys and transcription applications such as voicemail. For more information, visit https://vocitec.com.