Voice is the heart of the customer journey.
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At Voci, we power possibilities. We help developers extract insights from voice data that drive innovation and build the future of contact center analytics.

The Voci V-Spark Demo Application shows what you can do with our ASR engine. V-Spark enables you to search clearly formatted and fully punctuated call transcripts and valuable metadata. Metadata filters enable you to pinpoint call types using a keyword search. Call tagging can be created by users to drill down to specific calls. Speaker separation is included, and V-Spark can identify overtalk, emotion, and gender.

Voci Technology Supports Core Business Needs


Customer Experience

Customer perception of the brand is the core of the customer experience. Voci technology transcribes 100% of live and recorded calls into highly accurate text that can be analyzed to determine customer satisfaction. If you know what all callers have said, you can achieve an effortless customer experience — and stay ahead of the competition.


Contact Center Operations

Optimizing contact center management and maintaining costs is a balancing act: agent attrition needs to be kept to a minimum, training and sales effectiveness must always improve, and quality assurance has to review more calls, faster. Voci technology enables call analysis moments after each call has completed, bringing cost-effective improvements to every aspect of contact center operations.



People are constantly on the move and need a voicemail system to help them keep pace with incoming messages. Voci powers visual voicemail solutions with highly accurate, fully punctuated messages. Applications can then search message text for keywords and react even before the message is heard. People can quickly find the information they need to respond to callers and stay productive.



Data breaches are now common occurrences for all organizations. It’s crucial that an organization develops its own programs of governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) to address such uncertainties. Voci’s technology can improve GRC, protect sensitive customer information, and significantly reduce costs stemming from a breach.

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